Student Notes

Wednesday Night Message Notes


House Rules:

  1. Bring Your Bible
  2. Phone is on the floor during service
  3. No Bathrooms during service

  • Pastor Seth
Students VS Adults Warzone



  • Have you ever been in a house threatened by a natural disaster? What happened? 

  • Relating the last question to the parable, talk about a time when you dealt with a storm in your life (not a literal storm but a metaphorical storm) and you did or did not have a strong foundation. What happened? 

  • How would you describe your spiritual foundation right now? Shaky? Solid? Brand new? Old and worn? Rebuilding it? 

  • How can you get help from others to rebuild or strengthen your spiritual foundation?

  • What “building materials” could you use to build or keep a strong spiritual foundation in your life and in your faith?

  • How can we encourage others who have an unstable spiritual foundation to have a firm foundation in God?